Create a differentiated and scalable eco-system of people, processes and technology to help clients enhance the IT Infrastructure Productivity & ROI thru Best “Price to Performance” ratio.

Services We Provide

Solution Architect

Sustainability and Scalability. Two attributes that businesses across the world are trying to achieve to ensure growth and a competitive edge. And in their attempts to do so, are seeking solution architect consultants who can help support their current requirements, while ensuring future expansion.

At Smartnet, our vendor-neutral solution offers the entire gamut of architecture services, and some more. Not only do we design the most appropriate sustainable solution architecture for you; we also ensure that the end product is based on best practices 

Pre Sales Design

Pre-sales support brings their technical expertise and thorough understanding of the potential business needs.

We help to design the solution best suited to the requirement.

Installation & Commissioning

We provide after sales services.

This include installation, configuration support.

Remote TAC

We Provide remote support, Troubleshooting etc. services.